About Us

Le Petit Magique is the brainchild o silversmith and designer Katerina Roumelioti. After finishing her silversmithery studies in 2014, she had the luck to participate in two a two year course for artistic and contemporary jewelry. That's where the magic happened. Now, having the technical know-how and learnig all the ways in which she could express herself through her art, Le Petit Magique started to materialize and evolve. It hasn't stopped till this day.

It all begun with the need to share her little "magic things" with the world and it keeps inspiring her daily. Her creations tend to hop from a notepad's page to wax copies, to molds and then acquire their unique personality at her hands, one by one.

You are always invited to her showroom, to have a look together at Acropolis from her balcony and also to get to know the most cat-like dog ever, which also happens to be the production manager.