• How our jewelry is made!!

All our jewelry is handmade, made by us, in our workshop, with a lot of love and attention. For this reason everything is unique and you will not find any of these to be completely the same as someone else. This is the magic of handmade jewelry. Everything is made of 925 silver and plated with yellow gold, white platinum, black rhodium or rose gold

  • How Do I count my ring number?

If you don’t know you number, the surest and easiest way, is to come to our showroom and find your exact number. If this is not possible then just visit a jewelry store. You can also count the number of your ring yourself, with a small chance of deviation, see bellow

  • Jewelry Care All

our jewelry is handmade and made of 925 silver. Some of them are plated with yellow gold K24, rose gold K14, white platinum or black rhodium.

There is no way to avoid their gradual, natural deterioration. But there are ways to slow it down.

From our side, we try to prolong the oxidation or wear of the plating by doing our job properly. We process all our jewelry with the best possible techniques, choose the right partners and suppliers, use the best materials and plaster most of our pieces

What you can do :

Store each of your jewelry separately in its box or in special jewelry cases.

Remove them during sleep, exercise, bathing, etc.

Do not come in contact with water, perfumes, creams or anything chemical.

A general rule we like to follow is that our jewelry is the last we wear and the first we take off.